Saturday 9/21 - WordCamp Los Angeles

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After Party

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Using WordPress as an Application Platform – Dan Pastori
The Best WordPress Security Plugin is You – Jason Cosper
Underscores – The only theme that matters – Steve Zehngut
Roll your own photo blog – Bryan Villarin
Developing for MultiSite – Marty Thornley
The Blogging Dead: Zombie Content Rules – Janine Warner
The Customizer – Konstantin Obenland
WordPress Troubleshooting 110 (not 101!) – Matt Cromwell
DIYWP: Making WordPress Work for Your Small Business – Sé Reed
WordPress Consulting for Large Companies – Karim Marucchi, John Giaconia, Kara Hansen
You’re Live! …Now What?: Post Launch Setup Process and Procedures – Suzette Franck
Style Themes Faster, Better: Intro to Sass and Less CSS – Paul Clark
Lesser known but super hip responsive design tricks – Scott Bolinger
Designing Awesome WordPress Websites For Small To Medium Size Businesses – Greg Douglas

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